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Pocket Option India Review

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Pocket Option is an online broker for trading Binary Options and Forex. You get access to more than 100 different assets by the web-platform, mobile app, or MetaTrader 5 software. “Pocket Option” is managed by the Gembell Limited company which is located in the Marshall Islands and the PO Trade LTD. which is located in Saint Lucia. From our experience, it is a typical offshore broker.

Facts about the company:

  • Online broker since 2017
  • Accepts international traders
  • Located on the Marshall Islands
  • Trade the financial markets with Binary Options and Forex/CFDs
  • Multi platforms for any device

The broker attracts a lot of worldwide traders and accepts them internationally. Nearly everyone can open an account with Pocket Option. The company exists since 2017 and our research shows that popularity is rising. You can trade Binary Options on a modern platform with a very high return of investment up to 95%+. In addition, there are a lot of special features that make the broker unique.

Is Pocket Option regulated?

For online investments, it is very important to use a regulated broker. It shows trust and safety. According to Pocket Option the broker is regulated by the IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relation Regulation Center). It is an independent regulator that accepts online broker companies. To get the certificate the company has to fulfill different criteria.

Pocket Option regulation FMRRC certificate of compliance

The FMRRC is not the same regulation as regulation from a country, for example, CySEC in Cyprus or ASIC in Australia. Through our contacts, we know that Pocket Option is working a higher regulation at the moment. In addition, the platform is very safe and got different security tools for your account like 2-factor-authentification and SSL certificate. The platform is using only safe payment methods and got access to the funds at any time. Overall, Pocket Option is a safe company but does not get the highest regulation authority at the moment.

Account Types

Broker Review: Pocket Option | Binary Today

Often, when you register with a broker, you need to read through lots of information and spend time discovering what account is right for you. The research can involve deciding whether to be cautious with a basic introductory account or whether to invest more to get more of the benefits from the broker.

With Pocket Option, it’s simple. You have two choices, practice or trade real money. You can open a demo account and trade with virtual funds or open a live account. Having one real account option keeps things on a level playing field, and you can trade with confidence knowing everybody has the same privileges.

  • Demo Account

Not all brokers offer a binary options demo account and most won’t allow you access without you having to register. You’ll be expected to give them sign up information and deposit funds within a live account. Pocket Option has a much more relaxed approach; it’s just one click, and you can begin trading with virtual funds.

You are taken straight to the platform where you can start trading immediately with $10,000 of virtual money. The demo account will enable you to get to grips with the trading platform and its inner workings within minutes. This is an advantage for experienced traders as all platforms vary. For beginners, it’s the perfect opportunity to find out if trading is for you before you commit any real funds. With $10,000 of virtual funds, you’ll have more than enough capital to gain some helpful experience.

  • Live Account

For those who want to go straight to the live binary options trading platform, with as little as $50, you can open a live account. You may decide to try the demo account first and then upgrade to a live account. However, no matter how experienced you are; it is a good idea to use the demo account to get used to the new platform.

Once you open a live account, you can begin trading with as little as $1 on over 100 diverse trading instruments which include stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. You’ll also have access to a whole host of other account benefits like Tournaments, Cashback, Indicators and Signals, Social Trading, Achievements and a comprehensive Educational Help Section.

Trade Types And Payouts

While there is only one type of binary options trade type available to use with Pocket Option, there is a choice of expiry times starting at 60 seconds. The site is designed to simplify the trading process for you, whether you are new to trading or just new to this broker. This ease of use makes the experience more straightforward and user-friendly, enabling you to focus on important things like actual trading. Investors can trade a whole range of assets from stocks, commodities, indices and currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

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High/Low Trades

Often referred to by other names, the high/low options are just as the name suggests. You either bid that the price will end higher or lower then the cost of the asset when you entered the trade. Now some people prefer to trade on commodities like gold or oil while others prefer to trade on currencies, stocks or indices. It is a good idea to choose an asset that you feel comfortable with and that you have researched to get an idea of how it will perform.

Predicting the price of short term options like 60 seconds is an excellent strategy for beginners. You can expect instant results which can help you understand the markets better and make profit faster. While these fast-paced trades can increase your account balance incredibly quickly, the opposite is entirely possible.

You will also see the high/low option called call/put or above/below, but they all mean the same thing. Longer-term binary options are advisable for those with a little more experience as they can be quite sensitive to market news and external factors causing fluctuations.

Pocket Option offers excellent payout levels too, up to 128%. As you’d expect this varies based on the asset traded, the size of the trade and other factors. The minimum payout is 50%, so you know that your successful trades will pay anywhere between 50% and 128%. We estimate most trades can expect to payout somewhere between 60% and 100%, which is very competitive and makes Pocket Option a fair broker.

Mobile App

The website is very user-friendly whatever device you are on. Things are kept concise and intuitive, making navigation simple. There is just one page before you are on the trading platform, whether that be the demo or the live real money version. The mobile website platform performs well and can be used in both portrait and landscape viewing modes. After using the trading platform for a few minutes, you realise the software implementation is excellent. This is primarily due to both excellent design and the fact the mobile app keeps all of the features that the desktop version has.

Pocketoption - Home | Facebook

For those that prefer to use the dedicated app, there are iOS, Android and Windows versions available. It couldn’t be easier to download the software and start trading on the move whichever device you are using. We tested all 3 mobile apps and found them all stable, well designed, feature-rich and as user-friendly as the web-based versions.


Pocket Option is known in the binary options market for having high payouts. The lowest you can get is 50 percent, while their average is much higher. You can usually expect to get between an 80 and 100 percent payout for successful high/low predictions.

pocketoption trading platform

Pocket Option’s website states that you can get payouts up to 218 percent, which is practically unheard of. Even the leading binary options brokers usually only declare up to 200 percent maximum on payouts.

Keep in mind that high/low trading, in general, gives you higher payouts than most other types of binary options trading, like ladder/pair options. Making 60-second trades with high/low options can both introduce you to the Pocket Option platform and increase your account balance in minutes. However, it’s essential to be cautious with high/low options, as well, as too many unsuccessful trades can put you in the red fast.

Bonuses and Promos

When you open a live account with Pocket Option, they’ll give you a​ 50% deposit bonus on your starting investment. The more you deposit as your starting investment, the higher that 50 percent bonus will be.

Pocket Option Review - Read What 56 People Say

The catch is that you can’t withdraw the bonus before you start trading. Since some investors might get the idea that they can sign up just to withdraw that bonus along with their initial investment, Pocket Option mandates that you need to participate in the trading market first. After you reach their specified level of trades, then you can withdraw the bonus.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are as simple as Pocket Option’s interface. Once you’ve registered on their website, verified your payment type, and provided valid identification, you can start with the minimum $50 deposit or higher.

To put funds into your account, you can use a variety of payment types, from credit cards to cryptocurrency. Pocket Option accepts almost any major form of payment, including:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Debit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • ZCash
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

While these are the most commonly used options—there are more. You’ll have no problem with depositing or withdrawing funds regardless of your preferred method. Additionally, the withdrawal minimum is far lower than the deposit minimum. Instead of $50, you only have to withdraw $10 for a valid transaction. Unlike some brokers, they also don’t charge a commission or fee for these transactions. Whatever you withdraw is exactly what goes into your bank account or card.

Be careful of the currency conversions, though. Some banks charge a fee for those, so if you’re looking to make a hefty profit, make sure you’re aware of the additional charge outside of the Pocket Option platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As with every trading platform and broker out there, there are advantages and disadvantages to the Pocket Option platform. However, it must be stressed that there are certain areas where what looks like a disadvantage to one trader may be a non-issue for another trader. Therefore, each item here should not be looked at as an absolute factor.

Explain Importance, Advantages and Disadvantages of Operating System


Some of the advantages of the PocketOption platform have to do with the payouts, tools, cost of trading, customer support, trading platforms and features.

+ A higher yield that peaks at 95% or more. The trader is able to get a 95% payout on investment, which means a profitable $100 investment in a trade yields $95. This is higher than the industry average of between 75% and 80%.

+ 0% commission on deposits, withdrawals and account maintenance. No commission charges are applied to deposits or withdrawals. Traders do not need to pay an account maintenance fee.

+ Multiple chart types, different time frames, free analysis and indicator tools. For those who use technical analysis for trade decisions, this is a plus. The trading platform on PocketOption has charting tools and packages that allow for comprehensive technical analysis. This is an advancement beyond earlier platforms of other brokers which presented very rudimentary charts.

+ User-friendly platform with fast trade executions. The ability to perform one click trading is an advantage for traders, especially in digital options where a single pip can make all the difference.

+ Trading tournaments are a way to encourage participation of traders from all over the world to hone their skills and aim for a chance to win trading capital and other prizes.

+ Social trading, which encourages traders to trade in communities, with inexperienced traders getting a chance to copy the professionals. Not only can they replicate the results of the traders they copy, they can also hone their skills themselves.

+ Reliable support system. A reliable system of customer support which is always there for clients is an immeasurable asset for all. PocketOption offers multi-lingual customer support.

+ Pocket Option accepts clients from the US and other countries around the world. Pocket Option believes in the equality of all traders, without bias, prejudice or discrimination as to country of origin.

+ Diversity of assets: stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies. There is always a market to trade round the clock, with good diversity.

+ Bonuses and partnerships. Opportunities abound to profit from a sound partnership model which allows affiliates the chance to earn from trading without trading the assets themselves. This provides a good potential for passive income.


These disadvantages cover expiration times, chart functions as well as regulation. They are not absolute, as some traders will find that their trade performance may not be affected by these points. The disadvantages to the PocketOption platform may include the following:

– Limited regulation, although this is a relative term. The company is based offshore and does not offer Tier-1 regulation. Trader insurance as offered in Tier-1 destinations is not provided.

– Limited expiry time on trades. Future trades are timed at not more than thirty minutes. The trade expires thirty seconds after that. This means that swing and position traders end up getting left out of the party.

– Rudimentary charts which do not allow for deeper technical analysis. Some traders who want more out of the charting functions may find the charts on Pocket Option too limited to use. This can be overcome by using external charting software.


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