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HighLow Reviews: Deposit, Demo & Binary Options Trading Info ...

HighLow is a binary options trading platform that is owned by an Australian based company called HighLow Markets Ltd. Their head office is situated at Lvl14, Macquarie House, 167 Macquare Street. Sydney, Australia. HighLow is a regulated broker by the ASIC and operate with the AFSL license number 364264. Their London office is located at HighLow Markets Ltd, Milton Gate, 60 Chiswell Street, London. It should be noted that the address of HighLow’s offices are of actual physical offices and not virtual offices like those maintained by many of the offshore binary brokers in the industry.


  • Regulated Broker: The broker is a legitimate broker that is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
  • Guaranteed no harassment from sales representatives: HighLow does not have a call center and assures its clients will not be pestered with calls from sales representatives trying to persuade traders to deposit more money into their trading accounts.
  • High Returns on Investments: The returns offered by HighLow are the highest in the industry. The maximum return reaches up to 200%.
  • Obligation Free Demo Account: Access to the demo account does not require any registration. To access the demo account, simply click on the “Quick Demon” button located at the top of the homepage.


  • No Live Chat Support: Unfortunately, no live chat support is available at HighLow. The broker has only provided support through email or the telephone.

Since it began operations in 2013, HighLow has been steadily growing. Its growth can be attributed to the confidence that traders feel when transacting with this broker. First of all, the broker is regulated by a prestigious regulatory agency. It operates in a transparent manner and not in a cloak and dagger way, like many of the brokers that are based in tax havens like the Caribbean. In addition, it is noteworthy that HighLow does not maintain a call center. The implication of this is the fact that HighLow’s clients can rest assured that they will not be harassed by any sales representatives trying to get them to deposit more money.

Account Types

This broker offers a small range of different account types. Below we take a closer look at each account type.

HighLow Review Read before make the decision (April 2020)

Demo Account

HighLow’s Demo Account is available free to use and without the need for registering with the broker. It comes pre-loaded with a $10,000 balance making it a valuable asset to anyone who is selecting a broker and does not want to go through the rigmarole of completing registration only to find they do not like the platform.

The other distinct advantage is that the demo platform is available for retention as a separate entity for those who decide the time is right to commence live trading. Meaning it can be used alongside a live account to try out new options and strategies, without risking any actual cash.

Live Account

Opening a live trading account automatically enrols traders on HighLow’s ‘tier’ system, which is based on the accumulated trading total:

  • Tier 1: Player: $0-9999
  • Tier 2: Trader: $10,000 to $19,999
  • Tier 3: Pro: $20,000 to 49,999
  • Tier 4: Elite: $50,000+

Live accounts receive the added benefit of the ‘Trader’s Choice Indicator’ immediately following the fourth trade. The indicator is a handy live feature which reflects the trending market in real-time, a valuable asset for any trader. Provision of this service is courtesy of Leverate, a much-respected software and analytics provider in the world of trading.

Opening an Account

Opening a trading account at HighLow has never been easier. To open an account with HighLow, just click on the “Sign-Up” tab located on the top right hand corner of the HighLow homepage. Complete the registration form to create your profile. A promotional offer of $50 “Cash-back” reward will be awarded to you, once you have completed the registration process. It should be noted that the “Cash-back” reward is not a bonus that binary options traders normally receive as a deposit bonus from other brokers in the industry simply for making a deposit. Instead the “Cash-back” reward can only be redeemed through trading.

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Unlike deposit bonuses, Cash-back works in a very different manner and is not a 1-to-1 match to your deposit amount. Instead, it matches what you have earned or what you have lost by up to $50. For example, if you make a deposit of $100 and are awarded $50 in cash-back, then say you invest $10 into a trade and lose the invested amount, cash-back will then be topped up by $10 into your trading account to replace what you lost. At this point of time you might say that this is the same as a “risk free” insurance or bonus. However that is not the case, as Cash-back is also applicable when you profit from a trade. Let’s say in the above example, you profited $15 instead of losing that amount. In this case, Cash-back will still top up your account by the amount that you profited, which is $15. The redemption of the Cash-back reward will continue until the whole amount of $50 has been redeemed.

Trade Types And Payouts

Обзор и отзывы о брокере бинарных опционов HighLow | Rating Market

HighLow is unique amongst binary options brokers in offering payouts of up to 200%, but with only a $10 per trade minimum investment. The maximum trade expiry period available is 24 hours.

There are four trade types on offer with this broker, the standard High / Low and Turbo versions are suited to those who trade on small market movements, with the Spread variations being ideal for those who seek maximum gain for larger market movement.

  • High/Low Trades

As the name suggests, high/low trades present a very straightforward choice, deciding if the price of the asset will go up or down during the life of the trade. The minimum amount per trade is $10, and the average payout is 85% to 100%.

  • High/Low Spread Trades

The trading terms of this option are the same as the standard version, but with the spread factor taken into account, the potential maximum payout rises to 200%.

  • Turbo Trades

This broker specialises in fast expiry trading, offering four expiry times of 30, 60 180 or 300 seconds. The usual payout is around100%, but certain advanced options go as high as 190%.

  • Turbo Spread Trades

Not only do you have to consider the sheer speed of the trade period, but there is also the spread to take account of as well. To keep up with this type of trading you need either a very analytical mind, or EA software to carry out the task for you, but the reward of up to 200% payout is certainly worthy.

Bonuses And Promotions

HighLow’s ‘Welcome’ Bonus’ for new traders is $50 cashback, which adds to funds immediately after the first trade is complete (win or lose). The broker also gives ongoing cash backs based on the total amount traded by the accumulation of ‘HighLow Points’. It also issues bonuses to individual traders on an ad-hoc basis related to the amount and assets they prefer.

Binary Option Bonus Reviews - Binary Options Trading Reviews

One very significant aspect is that all bonuses and cash backs awarded are immediately available to traders for withdrawal. HighLow has no interest in expecting its clients to fulfil unrealistic trading volume requirements before accessing their entitlement.

Mobile App

An excellent mobile trading facility is available from this broker. HighLow has invested heavily in optimising its website to make it 100% functional and usable on smaller screens, such as smartphones. This streamlined version of the platform is available from Google Play for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS.

HighLow Review - Binary Option Broker. Are They A Scam?

For Android users who have a preference for downloading, there is also a native Android app available to them. However, this version does take up a lot of device storage and resources, which is something worth bearing in mind.

HighLow Demo Account

A great thing is the possibility of using a demo account to test the broker’s platform immediately after a free registration without any time limits. You do not have to invest money (as with other brokers) and the demo account is available instantly. The quality of the demo account is good and its “intentions” honest, unlike the demo of Binary Options Robot.

highlow demo account

However, if you don’t feel comfortable using High-Low’s demo account you can use the demo account for free at our website – (demo). We do not require any registration or things like this. You can start trading immediately, which surely comes handy at times.

HighLow Login and Trading Platform

The main price chart area will update once an asset is selected. It will reflect the latest market prices. It also shows the trader sentiment, payout and the countdown to expiry. There is also a vertical line showing when a trade must be placed by. The trading buttons are on the right of the trading area. You can amend trade size, select the direction of the trade (high or low) – and press the ‘Invest’ button to confirm. Active trades immediately appear in the ‘Open Positions’ window. This sits beneath the price chart. You can select ‘1-click’ trading if desired. This gets rid of the invest button, but creates larger High and Low buttons. These will open a trade immediately in ‘1-click’ mode.

HighLow open trades

The trading platform is clear and simple to use. The price graph also highlights which direction the markets needs to move in order for a trade to win. This reduces the amount of trader mistakes. The firm use ‘High’ and ‘Low’ on the trading buttons (rather than Up/Down or Call/Put) – which should not be a surprise! A negative of the trading area is the charts. There is little flexibility, features or options for technical analysis. This is a common fault among among binary brokers. Traders keen on technical analysis would be better off using separate charting software such as MT4 (MetaTrader4).

Deposit And Withdrawal

HighLow offer a great range of deposit and withdrawal payment choices. One important note is that all client funds are held in a separate trust fund – i.e. not in the company accounts. The trust is operated by the National Australian Bank (NAB). This is reassuring for traders. The most used deposit methods are credit card, Neteller and wire transfer. All require a $50 minimum deposit. Credit card and Neteller transactions are immediate. Wire transfers will credit accounts the same day, where actioned before 12pm that day (Australian time).

HighLow Markets Review - Binary Options Trading Reviews

In addition, HighLow also offer almost 40 other ways to deposit funds. These include SoFort, PaySafeCard and GiroPay. All methods operate along similar lines (£50 minimum, quick transactions). Withdrawals are a clear strength for HighLow. The terms mirror the deposits with a minimum withdrawal of £50 across all methods. Credit card and Neteller withdrawals are processed immediately – and therefore cannot be cancelled. Wire transfers are processed the same day where requested before 2pm. Banks can take up to 3 days to credit accounts though. There are no fees for withdrawals. There is no daily limit on withdrawals, the full balance can be withdrawn.


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